Friday, February 11, 2011

Meri Teacher

My name is loveciti4 & I was I lived in Lahore I m going to tell u a story . This is a true experience of my life which happened 8 years back at that time I was studying in 10th class. I was studying in a private high school o Lahore. My English Teacher namely Miss. Shagufta, who used to teach us English and mathematics. She was having good figures i.e. 36x28x36 and her age was 32 years. I was good in mathematics but a bit weak in English. One day she said to me that if your parent agree then after school time you come to my home for studying English so that you may get good position in your matriculation examinations. I told this offer to my parents who at once gave me the permission to study English in her home.After one month summer vacations started and I started to go to her house for having English learning. Our storey started from here.
I was unaware about the sexual relation with any one and have no idea to have a sex play with my teacher. One day her husband who was also a teacher in a Government school and also teach some students in his home. He went to his bed room with a young beautiful boy who was his student also. He said to his wife that she will not allow any person to come to his bed room, because we are busy in the study.After fifteen minutes my teacher said to me to see from the hole of the door what they are doing inside. I obey my teacher order and see from the hole that both were naked and her husband on the bed with a dogy style and his student is rubbing some oil on his ass hole and started entering his fingers in his hole first he entered one finger and then the boy entered two fingers in his teachers hole. I surprised to see this situation but not told the happenings to my teacher, when she asked me what I have seen I replied nothing. Then my teacher Shagufta herself saw from the hole and saw that the student cock entering in the ass hole of his hasband gand. After this she bring me in her study room and started teaching me English. After one week, when my teacher husband went to Rawalpindi to meet his elder brother then my teacher said to me that I am alone in my house as my husband has gone to Rawalpindi and remain there for days. During his absence you will have to stay at night with me and also obtain the approval from your papa. She also met my Mama and requested her that your son will stay with me for days as I am alone at my home and fearing. My mama give permission for staying days in my teachers house and I took some clothes and went away with my teacher. She asked me ok, bring your English book and study, I study my English book for some time. Then she asked me to bring food from the bazaar, I brought the food from the bazaar we both have eaten our dinner jointly. After that we started to play Luddo. During the play off and on my head touched with her head and the next time she advertantly touched her head with my head and started laughing. All of a sudden she kissed me on my head and her second kiss was on my cheek and when she win the game of Luddo and kissed my lips. Then she switched on the T.V. and we both were seeing the Indian love story pictures and when there was any sexy seen she started kissing me. Now I wanted to sleep and trying to close my eyes on the sofa. Then she went to the kitchen and bring a glass of hot milk for me. She told me to have the milk first and then go to the bed for sleeping when I had the milk, I asked her that where is the bed as there was only one bed in the bed room. She told me to sleep on her bed. I went to her bed for sleeping. After some time she changed her addressed in the bed room in my presence and I have seen all the parts of her body and there was some strange feeling. She asked me to see more film and at once switched on the TV and I was astonish to see that a triple x movi is on the screen of the TV. Then she come to bed and thrown her body on the bed. After 15 minutes she caught my cock with her hand which was after irritation about 7.5 ” and was as tight as iron bar. She started rubbing my cock. After few minutes I changed my position and my hands approached to her boobs and started pressing her boobs softly. She started to open her nighty button and started pressing my body with her nipples she also put her tongue into my mouth and began to lick my mouth with her tongue. She hold my hand with her hand and taken the same to her pussy and told me that: Apni Ungli meri Choot main Dalo, Main nay apni doe unglian uski choot me daalney ki koshish ki. Laken uski choot bohat tang thee. Mein bohat haran tha kay ek shadi hudda aurat the choot itni tang kyun hay toe ooss nay muchay bataya ke meri shadi ko 12 saal hoe gay hain laken tumharay sir nay ajj tak meri choot naheen lee. Upon this I at once raced up and asked her how I can use us then she slept straight on her bed and asked me to come on her body. She put her leg on my shoulders and took my cock in her hand and then she get up and put my cock in her mouth and started licking. After some time I was surprised because some white kind of element later I came to know that it is called juice, came out of my cock and she drank each and every drop of my juice.
Then she told me to kiss her pussy, I kissed, then she told me to lick her pussy and I started to lick her pussy, after few minutes she shouted and her juice came out of her pussy and spread on my face. I drank some drops of her juice which was very tasty. Then she again started licking my mouth and tongue and also started licking my cock with her mouth after 2 minutes my cock again irritate just like a iron bar and she took the same in her and put the same in her pussy hole and asked me to push the cock in her hole and I started pushing my cock in her hole but failed and then she asked me that: who tail qui sheet Lao and merry chute and apnea Lund pay tail alga main the tail ski chute per lagaya and apney Lund per lagaya. Fir us nay Mura Lund packer Kerri Apni chute qui Mori per rah Kerri mug say aha Kay zoar say Dhaka alga main nay Asia Kiyo and aahista aahista mer 7.5″ ka Lund ski chute main ghus giya. And she started crying aur mugh say kehnay lagi Kay mughay bohat takleef hoe rahi hay tumhara Lund hay Kay lohay the salakh, issay baher nikalo but I started pushing my cock again and again after one minute she began to start taste and started saying wah merry jan mazza aa gia hay zoar say Dhaka alga phir usnay khud Dhaka lagana shroo Kerri diya and mugh say kehnay lagi bahan choad teray main jaan naheen rahi zoor say mughay chodo. Apni ustani qui chute ko phar daiy.
After five minute we both shouted together and I took out my cock from her pussy when I put out my cock from her pussy there was a voice just like the voice when we open the Cold drink bottle and started to press her boobs and there was blood coming out of her pussy. After few minutes the blood stopped but the bed sheet all red with blood. She was very happy and kissed me with love. This is true story of mine. Any married or un-married girl want to contact me and 9″ cock wanted then contact me on my E-Mail or or

Naukar bedroom mein

main jis makan mein kiraye par rahta hun. vo ek kafi bada parisar hai.charon taraf boundary hai. andar ek taraf kafi badi kothi jisme ek makan malik sahit 3 anya kirayedar pariwar rahte hain. beech mein kafi khuli jagah hai. mein isi parisar ki mukhya kothi ke ek taraf 4 room set mein rahta hun. mere is hisse mein age baramdah jiski 2 taraf lohe ki jal ki deewar hai jiska darwaja bahr parisar ki khuli jagah mein khulta hai.baramde se 2 darwaje andar ke 2 kamron mein khulte hai ek darwaja side ke 3re kamare ki taraf khulta hai.3 kamron ke darwajon par jalidar kiwad lage hain.
meri wife bahut sundar chikani gori lambi gadrai hui hai.lagbhag roj hi chudai karta hun.chudane ke bad vo ghode bech kar so jati hai.ek bar chudane ke bad vo mujhe hath bhi nahin lagane deti hai,subah use sara kam bhi karna hota hai isliye raa 10:30 baje tak vo chud kar so jati hai.vo aksar gown pahn kar soti hai, meri pyas ek bar mein nahin bujhti. agar mein use dobara chodane ka prayas karun to vo yudh karne par utaru ho jati hai. mujhe der mein sone aur der mei uthane ki adat hai. raat ko mei ya to der tak tv dekhta hun ya blue filmen dvd par.wife bahut sundar aur sexy hai. gown pahn kar sone se aksar uska gown upar ko uth jata hai .vo soti rahti hai mein usaki choot dekhta rahta hun neend ajati to so jata hun.
ek bar garmiyon mein power cut ki vajah se 10:30 se 1:00 baje rat ko bijali bhagane lagi. 4-5 ghante inverter chalta tha to tv bhi dekhna band ho gaya tha.bas light stand ki light jala kar choot dekhta rahta tha. wife par power cut ka koi asar nahin tha vo pankhe mein bhi ghode bech kar soti hai, light jane par baramde ki taraf ke darwaje ko khol kar jali ka darwaja laga kar ham sote the taki thand bhi rahe aur machhar bhi na lage. hamare pados mein sichai vibhag ka office hai janha ka chaprasi aksar hamare ghar par aa jata tha aur meri wife chhote mote kam kar diya karta tha. garmiyon mein vo apne bhai ke ladke ko 2 mahine ke liye meri wife ki madad ke liye laya. uska naam shankar tha. vo student tha magar chhuti hone ki vajah se 2 mahine kam kar kuchh paisa kamana chahta tha. meri wife ne use 2 mahine ke liye 1200 ki pagar par rakha tha. usaki umar koi 19-20 sal thi. raat ko use hamane apne barande mein hi sulaya.wife to 10:00 baje tak chud kar so gayi par mujhe neen
d nahin aa rahi thi.raat ko 10:30 baje light chali gayi to barande ki taraf ka darwaja meine khol diya .wife gahri neend mein so rahi thi. meine letne ki koshish ki magar leta nahin gaya. meine socha ki wife ki choot ka najara le lun barande mein mujhe dar tha ki shankar jag na raha ho.meine barande ki taraf dekha to shankar ki koi ahat sunai di .mene ye sochte huye ki shankar so raha hoga table lamp jala diya aur wife ki choot dekhane laga jo gown upar ho jane ki vajah se saaf dikh rahi thi. wife ne neeche kuch bhi nahin pahna hua tha, thodi der bad mujhe pyas lagi mein uthkar kitchen mein gaya aur pani piya. last wale room mein ek patrika rakhi hui thi meine socha ki use padkar time pas jab us kamare mein room mein inverter ka cnection nahin tha.andhere mein hi mene patrika room ki khidaki par patrika mil gayi.tabhi meri najar apne barande me padi to dekha ki shankar ke folding par harkat ho rahi hai.shankar bar bar uth kar andar bedroom mein j
hank raha tha.andar jali se bahr ka nahin dikhta tha,magar jis khidaki se mein jhank raha tha back side hone se bedroom ki halki light se bhi shankar dikh raha tha. mujhe laga ki shankar andar jhank raha hai. mere dimag mein aya ki andar bedroom ki light jali hai vanha se meri nangi wife ko dekh raha hoga. ye dekh mere shrir mein sansani hone lagi. kya ek naukar apni malkin ki choot dekh raha hai,koi aur meri wife ki choot dekh raha hai. ujala kam hone se saf nahin dikhai de raha tha bas andaj hi lag raha tha. raat ke 12:30 baj chuke the .meine socha ki 1 baje light ane par saaf saaf dekh sakunga, meine andar ke switch se barande ki light jaladi. bed room ki to main light on thi hi.khidaki par khade hoker mein intzar karne laga.raat 1 baje light aayi to bahar ke barande ki light ekdam jal gayi, maine shankar ko dekha to mera anuman sahi nikla vo andar hi jhank raha tha vo apne lund ko bahr nikal kar sahla raha tha. light aate hi vo chup let gaya.use andaj tha ki mein bedroom
me ane wala hun par 15 minute ke intjar ke bad tak jab mein bed room nahi panhucha to usne samajha ki mei kisi aur room mein so gaya hun. usane bahr barande ki light bujhai par aspas aur andar kamare se itni light aa rahi thi kis ab saf dikh raha tha.jab vo ashwast ho gaya ki mein nahin aya hun vo darwaje par khada hokar andar jhankane laga janha meri wife nangi so rahi thi. usane apna lund nikal liya aur use hilane laga .mein samajh gaya ki meri wife ko nanga dekh kar uska land khada ho gaya hai.mera bhi land exite hoker khada ho gaya. sahnkar ka land bahut mota tha. mera man usake land ko pas se dekhane aur pakadane aur sahlane ko karne laga. mene socha ki agar mein ise range hatho pakad lun to kam ban sakta hai, cooler chalne se vanha shor ho raha tha.
mene pakka irada karte huye side room ka darwaja dheere se khola aur barande mein akar dhere se shankar ke peeche khada ho gaya, shankar ko pata hi nahin chala ki mein usake peeche khada hun. meine dekha ki andar meri wife ekdam nangi so rahi hai jo bahr se bilkul saf dikh rahi thi . mene shankar ko awaj di shankar chonk gaya meri taraf dekh kar bola ji sir. maine brade ka bahr ka darwaja kholte huye kaha ki shankar jara bahr ana , shankar bahr a gaya .
shankar nurvous tha.mene kaha shankar tum vanha kya kar rahe the shankar bola sir me light band karne utha tha
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shankar bola nahi sir ham sach kah rahe hain.
mene kaha shankar tum jhoot bol rahe ho .
NAHIN sir ham sach bol rahe hain
theek hai mein subah tumhare chacha ko sab batata hun mene khud tumhe dekha.
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tumane kya dekha
sir upar neeche dono taraf dekha
saf bolo
sir mein kaise kanhu
mene kaha bataun tumhare chacha ko
sir mein memsab ki choochi aur vo dekh raha tha
mene kaha vo kya
sir mujhe sharm ati hai
dekhte huye to nahi aa rahi thi
sir vo memsab ki choot dekh raha tha.
dekh li
sir achhi tarah nahin dekh paya
mene kaha jhoot mat bolo
nahin sir
mene kaha chalo batao kanha se dekhi
vo mujhe barande me le gaya aur darwaje dikha kar bola yanha se. mene andar dekha to meri wife ekdam nangi padi thi usaki choot saf dikh rahi thi.
mene kaha deko tum jhoot bol rahe ho dekh kar batao dikh nahin rahi kya shankar bola sir ham nahin dekhenge
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vo bola sir hamen bechaini hoti hai
mene kaha kya?
sir kuchh nahin
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ji sir khda hota hai
kya khada hota hai
sir mera lund
mene kaha poori bat ek sath kaho
usane kaha sir memsab ki choot dekhte hi mera lund khada ho gaya
usaki baat sunkar mujhe bahut maza aya
mene kaha dikhao apna khada lund
nahin sir
mene kaha dikhao
usane nikal apna lund jo dikhaya mein gash kha gaya. mujhse doguna lamba aur 3 guna mota uska lund tha.
uska lund dekhte hi ajib se khyal ane lage.
mene kaha shankar tumhara land to bahut mota hai
ise dekh kar to mujhe dar lag raha hai.
kyon sir
agar shankar mera lund itna mota hota to tumhari memsab ka to bura hal ho jata
kyon sir
uska lund dekh kar me na jane kya kya bakne laga,par mujhe bahut maza aa raha tha.
mene kaha man lo tum sahb hote tumhara agar lund memsab ki choot me jata to kya mem sab ki choot fat nahin jati.
sir kya mere lund se memsab ki choot fat jayegi.ab vo bhi khulane laga tha.
mene kaha han shankar mem sab ki choot bahut tite hai
main bat karte huye shankar ke lund ko sahla bhi raha tha.
shankar ka lund ekdam tite tha.
fir mene shankar ke lund ko apne muh me le liya shankar ko bhi maza araha tha vo maze le raha tha.vo ab himmat ke sath meri wife ko nanga dekh raha tha. malik nokar ka lund choos raha tha.
fir mene bhi apna lund nikala jise shankar hilane laga tha.
phir main nanga hokar shankar ke samne jhuka aur shankar ka lund apni gand par lagaya shankar ne jor lagaya lund andar ghusane laga 10 minute ki koshish ke bad poora lund gand mein ghus gaya.
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aagli kuchh raaten hamne isi tarah gujari
shankar ke ane se wife par bhi kafi kam kaam ho gaya tha.vo bhi chudane mein jyada interest lene lagi thi. ek raat mene shankar se kaha shankar aaj tumhari mem sab ko darana hai
sir vo kaise
tum raat ko 10 baje ankhe band karke let jana aur apna lund bahar nikal kar khada karke lete rahna. me aaj tumhari memsab ko daraunga
shankar ne kaha theek sir. 10 baje shankar barande mein jakar lund taan kar ankhen band kar let gaya,apne muh par gamachha rakh liya.
mene barande ki light jalai andar ki light band thee. mene bahr kisi kaam se jane ka bahana kiya fir akar apni wife se kaha bahr tumhe ek ajooba dikhata hun. mene pahle se kuchh nahin bataya.wife boli kya hai dikhao.
mene bahr so rahe shanker ka lund use dikhaya to ekdam sharma kar andar bhag kar aa gayi.
usaki sans chad gayi thi. mujhse boli ap bade besharm ho.shankar bahut besharm hai kal hi ise bhagati hun.
maine kaha kuchh samay baad to khud chala jayega ham par kya fark padta hai maine use samjhaya ye bhi kaha ki shankar ko datunga.
meri wife boli theek hai.uska chehra lala ho raha tha. mene wife se kaha ek baat to hai shankar ka lund kitna mota tagada hai. meri wife ne gusse se mujhe dekha. maine kaha sach bahut hi mota hai. meri wife boli
mujhe kya matlab.mene kaha dil me to gudgudi ho rahi hogi.wife boli mujhe kuchh fark nahin padta.
mene kaha mein shart lagata hun tum use 5 minute nahin dekh sakti.boli mujhe koi matlab nahin mene kaha tum mera kahna nahin maan sakti chalo ek baar fir dono dekh kar aate hain mere jor dene par wife man gayi.shayad man hi man vo ichhuk bhi rahi ho.
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wife ne mujhe thaappad dikhaya .thodi der bad light chali raat wife mujhse 3 baar chudi.chudate vakht usane climax ke time mere uksane par mujhe shankar kaha mujhe laga ki wife ke man me kanhi na kanhi shankar ke lund ka asar hai.
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wife se mujhe ummid nahin thi ki vo mera sath degi.par mera man use shankar se cudwane ko bahut kar raha tha.main baat baat par us se kahta tha ki shankar ka lund to tumhari choot ko fad dega .shuru me to vo naraj hoti thi par baad mein hasane lagi, par yeh nischit tha ki shankar ke land ki baat par vo jyada garam ho kar chudati thi. is beech mere aur shankar ke relation bhi bane rahe . main moka milate hi usase gand mara leta tha.vo ab pahle se jyada khul gaya tha.ham dono milkar meri wife ki choot ke bare me aksar baat karte the. is beech 3-4 baar mene apni wife ko shakar ka lund usi pahle tarike se dikhaya. ab shankar ko jane ke 10 din bake rah gaye the.main apni wife se kahta tha ki shankar ke jane ke bad itna mota lund dekhne ko nahin milega. in baton me meri wife muskura diya karfti thi.
tab tak raat ke power cut ka shedule change hoker din ka ho gaya tha. ek raat ko mene shankar ko apne hath pair malish karne ke liye bulaya aur apne hath pairo ki maalish karane laga. thodi der baad meri wife bhi mere bagal mein akar let gayi.
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apna lund choot par tika diya. lund choot par tikate hi wife ka hilna julna band ho gaya .shanker ne koi harkat nahin ki. lund choot par lagte hi wife pagal ho gayi usane dono hathon se shanker ko apni taraf kheencha aur choot ko peeche ko itni jor se dhakka diya ki 10 inchi lund choot men ghusta chala gaya. meri wife itna bada lund ek hi bar mein poora poora le gayi. meine dekha ki ghuse huye lund se choot buri tarah fail chuki thi lund ki halat bhi buri thi jo choot ki deewaron se buri tarah pis raha tha.meri wife dard aur maje se tej sisakariyan le rahi thi. usne apne hoth gardan mod shanker ke hothon par rakh diye.mene hathon ko lagaker lund ko choot mein mehsoos kiya. thodi dermein shanker ne mweri wife ko chod chod kar buri halat kar di. aur apna dher sara virya choot mein bhar diya. us din aur us din ke baad hamane ye maza kai bar liya.

Mohalley ki bhabhi

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Cousin aur uski saheli

Hi to all xKahani readers, this is Vicky from Haryana. Main HILMS ki kahaniyon ka regular reader hun. Mujhe aap sabhi ki kahania bahut achhi lagti hai. Main In kahanio ko pad pad kar kai bar hastmathun karta hun. Main abhi kunwara hun or maine sex ka majja abhi 2-3 mahine pehle hi liya tha. Jiske bare me main aapko bata raha hun.

Main apni ek mausi ke pas bachpan se hi aata jaata raha hun. Unse mera kafi lagav tha. Unke 3 bachhe the. 2 ladke or 1 ladki. Dono ladke bahar padte the. Meri mausi ghamare sahar se 3 ghante ke raste par rehti thi. Kyonki unke dodo ladke bahar padte the isliye unka mujhse kafi lagav tha. Main jab bhi unke yahan jata tha vo meri bahut dekhbhal karti thi. Unki ladki jo teeno bhai-behno me sabse badi thi, uski padhai puri ho chuki thi or mausi uske liye ladke ki talash me thi. Uska naam neeru tha. Uski height 5’8’’ thi. Wo bahut hi sexi lagti thi. Uska rang ekdum gora tha oruska figure bahut mast tha. Wo ghar par jeans t-shirt pehnati thi. Uski t-shirt me se uske boobs kayamat dhate the. Or jeans me se dikahte hue uske chotdo ke ubhar kisis bhi ladke ko muth marne par majbur kar sakte the.

Ek bar main apni mausi ke yahan gaya to unki ladki ko dekhne delhi se ek family aaye hui thi. Ladka kafi sunder or pada likha tha. Meri mausi ki ladki bhi us din kafi sunder lag rahi thi. Mausi ke dono ladke exams ki vajah se nahi aa paye the. Meri mausi ne delhi walon ki kafi khatirdari ki. Unko ladki pasand aa gayi. Baat paki ho gayi or vo log vapis delhi chale gaye. Meri mausi bahut khus thi. Unke jane ke baad hum sabhi beth kar baat karne lage. Meri mausi ne phone par aapne dono ladko ko iski khabar kar di. Mausi ne kaha ki sadi ki tarikh jaldi hi nikal jayegi isliye kafi teyari karni hain. Unhone mujhse kaha ki unke dono ladke to abhi 1 mahina nahi aa payenge isliye tum hi mere kaam main meri madad karo. Maine aapne ghar phone kar diya ki main ek mahina mausi ke ghar par hi rahunga.

Uske baad main mausi ke yahan hi rehne laga. Hum sara din kaam karte, shopping, packing vagerah. Meri mausi ki ladki sara samman apni pasand ka kharid rahi thi. Isi tarah dus din nikal gaye. Ek din achanak phone aaya ki mere hone wale jija ji ke father ka accident ho gaya hai. Mausi yeh sun kar bahut dukhi hui. Unhone kaha ki delhi jakar unka hal-chal puchna chahiye.mausi ne mujhe apne sath chalne ko kaha lekin phir boli ki piche se neeru akeli ho jayegi isliye main vahi per rahu. Phir hum mausi ko train me beda kar wapis ghar aa geye.

Raat ko hum sone ki tiyari kar rahe the. Neeru boli ki mujhe raat ko akele main nind nahi aati. Maine majak me kaha ki ab to tumhe hamesha apne piya jji ke sath hi sona hain to wo halke se saram di. Hum dono kafi khule hue the or hume ek dusre ki sabhi bate pata thi. Neeru boli ki vikcy kya tum kabhi kisi ladki ke sath soye ho to maine kaha ki nahi abhi tak mujhe koi chance nahi mila han meri ek girlfriend hai uske sath maine sirf chuma chati kiya hai. Neeru boli ke mujhe sadi se bahut dar lagta hai main kaha ke dar kaisa. Usne kaha ki meri saheliyan batati hai ki jab pati sex karta hai to bahut dard hota hai. Maine kaha ki suru-suru main dard hota hai lekin baad me bahut maja aata hai. Usne kaha ki maja chahe aaye par jab dard hoga to main kya karungi. Naye gahr ka mahol hoga maoin to kisi ko keh bhi nahi paongi. Vo boli aisa nahi ho sakta ke mujhe dard na ho. Phir vo boli ke mujhe to sex ka koi experience hi nahi hai. Main aapne pati ko kaise khus karungi. Vo boli meri saheliya kehti hai ki jo ladki sex me apne pati ko khus rakhti hai to uska pati uski har baat manta hai. Vo boli ke main apne pati ko khus rakna chahti hun.

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Maine neeru se kaha ki jab tum rashmi ke bhai se chudwane ke liye teyar ho tu mujhse chudwane me kya etraz hai. Neeru boli ki theek hai lekin tum koi jor jabardasti mat karna. Maine kaha theek hai. Rashmi boli ke main tum dono ko guide karti rahungi. Manie ab neeru ko pakad liya or uski t-shirt utarne laga to wo boli ki mujhe saram aati hai.. Amine kaha jab main tumhare samna nanga khada hu to kaisi saram. Yeh keh kar maine or rashmi ne neeru ke sare kapde khol diye. Neeru ki kachhi jawani gajab ki thi. Uski unchui chut bahut janlewa thi or us par badi badi jhante bhi thi. Rashmi boli tune inhe saaf nahi kya to neeru boli ki mujhe karna nahi aata. Yeh sun kar rashmi bathroom me gayi or mera shaving razor utha layi. Usne neeru ko bistar par lita diya or uski jhhante saaf kar di. Ab neeru kmi chut bahut sundr lag rahi thi jaise kisi ne jangal kat kar us par chikni road bana di ho.

Maine kaha tum bhi rashmi ki tarah mere lund ko chuso. Usne kaha ki tum mere muh me apna pani mat chodna maine kaha theek hai. Neeru niche beth gayi or mere lund ko chusne lagi pehle to wo thoda sa upar se hi chus rahi thi par jab rashmi ne uski chut sehlani suru ki to use josh aa gaya or wo mera pura lund jor jor se chusne lagi. Main apone aap ko rok nahi paya or mere lund ne uske muh me kulla kar diya. Neeru ne apna muh hataya or jaise hi usne mera pani thukna chaha, rashmi ne apna hath uske muh par rakh diya or use jabardasti virya pine par majboor karne lagi. Neeru ki aankoh me aansu aa gaye or wo ubkaiyan lene lagi. Jab mera sara virya uske gale se niche utar gaya tab rashmi ne apna hath hataya or chat kar saaf kiya. Neeru bahut naraz ho kar boli ki maine kaha tha mere muh me mat karna. Maine kaha soory main apne aap ko rok nahi paya tum mera lund itni masti se chus rahi thi.

Thodi der baad neeru normal hui. Maine use bed par chalne ko kaha. Wo bed par let gayi main uske upar aa gaya or uski chut ko chatne laga. Use bahut maja aane laga wo niche se apne chutad uchhal rahi thi or keh rahi thi. Aaaaaahhhhhh ooooooooorr jooooooooroo se maaaaaaaaaaaaaaain m,mmaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrri jaaaaaaaajjjjaaaaaaaa rrrrrrrrrahhhhi huuuuuuunnnn. Jjjjjjjjjjooooooor se jjjjjoooooor se. Achanak uski chut ne pani chod diya main uska sara pani chat gaya. Tabhi rashmi aakar neeru ki bagal me let gayi or kehne lagi ki tum neeru ko chodo lekin apna paani iski chut me mat chodna. Jab tum jhadne wale ho to apna lund iski chut me se nikal kar meri chut main dal dena. Main ab neeru ke pairon ke bich aa gaya or apna lund uski chut par rakh diya. Uski chut bilkul tight thi. Main apna lund dabane laga to vo chhilai nahi mujhe dard ho raha hai. Rashmi ne kaha tum bathroom se thoda tel le aao. Main tel laya to rashmi ne thoda da tel mere lund par lagaya or 2-4 bunde uski chut me tapka di. Tel lagne ke karan mera lund chamkne laga or or bhi bhyanak dikhane laga. Neeru apni aankhe band kiye hue leti thi. Ab maine apna lund uski chut par rakha or halka sa dhhaka diya. Mera supada uski chut me chala gaya. Vo jor se chhilai oooooooooiiiiiiiii maaaaaaa mmmmmmmaaaar gayyyyyyyiiiiiiii. Merrrrrrrrrrrri ccccccchhhhhhuuuuut ppppphhhhhhaaaaaaaat ggggggayi. Usne mujhe dhakka diya to mera supada uski chut se nikal gaya. Rashmi boli pehli baar aisa hota hai ab dard nahi hoga. Maine phir uski chut pe apna lund rakha or dabana shuru kiya. Achanam rashmi ekdum se khadi hui or meri peeth par chad gayi mera lund ekdum se neeru ki chut me gehrai tak ghus gaya. Neeru jor se chhillane lagi to maine apna hath uske muh par rakh diya. Uski aankoh me se aansu aane lage or wo chatpatane lagi. Main kuch der uhi pada raha. Thodi der baad neeru ka dard kam hua to wo apni kamar hilane lagi. Rashmai ne kaha ab tum dhire dhire dhakke maro. Main dhire dhire neeru ko chodne laga or wo ab mera pura saath de rahi thi.

Thodi der baad beeru ne kaha ab tum jor jor se choso. Maine dhakkon ki speed bada di. Ab me pur tezi se neeru ko chod raha tha. Neeru phi gaand utha utha kar maje le rahi thi. Lagbhag 20 minutes ki chudai ke baad main jhadne ko hua to maine apna lund uski chut se bahar nikala or bagal me leti rashmi ki chut me dal diya. 10-15 dhakon ke baad main rashmi ki chut me jhad gaya. Thodi der aise hi pade rehne ke bbad hamne apne kapde pehan liye.

Hi friend hope u must have like the story.

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Lund ko bahar nikala then I pee lekin lund thanda nahi ho raha tha, so mai muth marne laga.. 2 minute me hi usne jor ki pichkari mari.. Jo samne diwal par gayi. Usko achche se dhoya aur lund ko pant ke andar kiya. Jaise hi mai piche ghuma maine dekha deewar ke kinare sir ki wife khadi hai. Iska matlab usne mujhe muth marte huye dekha tha, kyuki waha se mera lund pura dikhta tha.Mai sir nicha karke bahar nikal aya. Tab usne dheere se kaha.. Bahut mota aur lamba hai. Ye kehkar wo jaldi se chali gayi. Vaise mujhe wo achchi lagti thi aur wo bhi mujhe pasand karti thi. Lekin uske sath sex ke liye maine kabhi bhi socha nahi tha. Mere sir maths me expert the. Aur unse padhne ke liye bahut ladke tution lagwana chahte the. Lekin unhone sirf mujhe hi chuna kyuki tution unhe pasand nahi tha. He always used to be busy in solving maths problems and doing some other stuffs . Unki wife ko ye pasand nahi tha. Wo to mujhe bahut sexy lagti thi. Unhe acchi chudayi ki chahat thi aur wo kisi ko dhundh rahi thi. Jabki sir ko lagta tha ki ab sex ki koyi jarurat nahi hai. Ye baten mujhe tab pata chali jab mai unki wife ke sampark me aaya aur unki diary padhi. Maine ye diary unke cupboard se nikal ke padhi thi. Us diarry me mere bare me bhi likha tha. “mai ek kamsin ladka hoon aur bahut hi garam ladka hoon, jo bhi ladki mujh se chudwayegi uski kismat khul jayegi. Jis ladki ko mera lund milega wo bahut hi naseeb wali hogi. Agar mujhe mauka mile to mai is ladke se ek baar jarur chudwaungi aur apni choot ki pyaas bujhaungi.” Uski diary ki ye line e mere dimag me ghum rahi thi.Wo mujhase chudwana chahti thi lekin apne pati se darti thi.aur fir us din ke baad meri najar bhi badal gayi . Uski ufanti huyi jawan badan ko yaad karke mai ab roj hi muth marta tha. Maine bhi socha ise ek mauka diya jaye, lekin kaise? Ek din maine unhe cell phone par call kiya aur kaha ki aaj mai 4 baje baat aap sir ko bata dijiye.mujhe malum tha ki sir 4 baje library jate hai aur raat ke 10 baje wapis aate hai. Maine ye baat janbujhkar uska cell phone par

Kaha tha. Ye meri taraf se ishara tha. Kyuki iske pehale maine uska cell par kabhi koi message nahi diya Tha. Aur jab se usne mera lund dekh liya tha tab se maine uski aankho me bhi ek tadap dekhi thi. Mai unke ghar thik 4.30 par pahuncha. Usne darwaja khola. Maine dekha aaj usne ek tranparent sari pehani thi aur khule gale ka blouse. Uska figure 34 26 36 hai. Uski chunchiyan blouse fad kar bahar nikal rah the. Blouse chota tha. Aur lehanga nabhi ke bahut niche bandha tha.. Jisse aaj uska gora gora pet aur patli kamar saaf dikh rahe the. Uska gora pet aur chikni kamar dekh kar mera lund harkat me aa gaya. Usne mujhe baithane ko kaha aur pani lane andar gayi. Paani dete huye wo is tarah jhuki ki uski madmast chuncnhiya mere samne aa gayi. Uff wo ghati. Ras daar chunchiyan dekh kar mere munh me pani a gaya.. Wo sofe par mere kareeb hi kinare par baith gayi.maine unhe hichkichate huye pooncha sir kahan hai.. Kya aapne mere aane ke bare me sir ko bataya hai? Ya wo bhul gayi? Usne kaha maine sir ko kuch nahi kaha. Maine pooncha kyu? Usne kaha aaj wo mujhe kehate huye wo apne rasile honto ko dant se daba rahi thi aur kone me kat rahi thi. Maine tab kaha”aap majak kar rahi hai” usne kaha “nahi mai seriously keh rahi hoon. Tab maine kaha “aap kaun sa unit sikhayengi?” usne kaha”mai serious hoon lekin tumhe maths nahi padhaungi” ye baat usne bade natkhat andaz me kahi. Maine pooncha “fir kya padhaogi?” wo chup rahi aur mere kareeb agayi.aur mera hath pakad liya. Usne kaha aaj tum mere mehmaan ho . Aaj mai tumhari pariksha lene wali hoon. Maine kaha kaisi pariksha?. Usne kaha buddhu mat bano mai janti hu tum mujpe pe fida ho. Mujhe malum tha ki wo bhi chudwane ke liye betaab ho gayi hai aur tayyar hai.usne mera hath pakda aur khadi ho gayi aur mujhe apne bedroom me le gayi.fir usne mere gaal par kiss kiya..

Aur mere shirt aur pant khol diye. Mujhe bhi maja aa raha tha.. Uska naram hath mere badan par ghum raha tha. Usne meri baniyan bhi nikal di. Maine ab uska pallu niche gira diya. Uska bade bade ras bhari chunchiyan mere samne thi. Mai thoda nervous tha lekin mujhe maja bhi aa raha tha. Uska nokdar chuchiyon ko dekh kar mera lund aur kadak hone laga. Uski tani huyi chunchiyan kisi bhi mard ko garam kar dene layak the.ab maine use apne sine se laga liya aur uska honto ko apne honto me kaid kar liya aur chusne laga.. Uske hath meri peeth aur sine par ghum rahe uska blouse piche se sirf 2 inch ka hoga. Mera hath uski peeth par ghum raha tha. Uske gol gol chutad maine dabaye. Uska munh se siskari nikal padi..aaaaah. .ssss main uski honto ko bahut jor se chus raha tha. Fir maine apni jeebh uska muh ke andar daal di. Wo chusane lagi. Uski chunchiyan mere sine me dab gayi thi. Bahut kas ke lipti huyi thi wo. Maine piche se uska blouse ke hook khol diye.wo bed par baith gayi. Mere gale aur chati ko chumne lagi.maine use thodi der aisa karne diya.. Lekin mai bhi garam ho gaya tha, ab aur sabra nahi ho raha tha.maine use dur dhakela aur uska blouse nikal diya.usne gulabi rang ki jalidar bra pehani thi..maine uska bra ke andar meri ungliyan daal di.. Aur uski chunchi hath me pakad li.uske boobs mere hatho me the, maine uske honto ko chumna shuru kiya.aur uska niche ke hont ko kaat liya wo sisak uthi..umm..aahh. . Mai uska gale par honth rakhe aur waha kiss kiya fir jeebh se sehlaya.. Uski aankh band ho gayi.aahhhh ooooohhoo.. Aisi awze nikalne lagi maine ab dono chunchiyan ke beech me honth rakhe thoda jeebh se chata aur fir halke se dant laga diye.. Ishhhh..uuiiiiiii. .karke wo chilla uthi.. Mai chumte huye niche jane laga.maine ab uski bra nikal di aur nipple ko ungliyon se cheda.. Wo kadak ho Gaye the. Kya mast chunchiyan thi. Use bra ki jarurat hi nahi thi. Ekdum bhare huye dudh ke bartan.

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Mera nikalne wala hai.. Usne ishare se kaha mere munh me nikalo.. Aur mere lund se bahut sara semen uske munh me jaa gira…usne ek ek boond chaat liya ab maine uski saree puri nikal di aur lehenge ka nada khinch diya.. Oh usne andar kkuch nahi pehna tha.. Maine use dhakel kar bed par litaya aur uski choot ko dekha..Ekdum gulabi choot thi.. Kisi 18 saal ki ladki jaisi.. Aur uski choot par ek bhi baal nahi tha.. Aisa laga aaj hi saaf kiya hai.. Maine uska pair failaye aur choot ke dono honth failaye.. Jaise wo gulab ki pankhudi ho.. Choot ka munh ekdum chota tha.. Mujhe thoda shaq hua, maine pooncha sir kya chodate nahi? Usne kaha.. Meri choot Kunwari hai.. Mai kuch samajh nahi paya.. Kunwari choot aur ek ladka.. Khair mai abhi to khush ho gaya.. Kyuki choot Kunwari nahi bhi ho fir bhi ekdum tight choot thi.wo mere samne nangi padi thi… Sanche me dhala badan.. Chunchiyan aasman dekh rahi thi.. Aur pair failaye uski band choot mere samne thi.. Maine choot ke dane ko dhundha aur halke se ragadne laga.. Wo ish..aaahh.. Uff.. Raj.. Mat tadpa mujhe…. Maine apna chehra uski choot ke paas laya ahhh uska peshab aur juice ki kya mast khushboo thi.. Maine uski choot par jeebh fera aur wo uchal padi..aaaiiii. . Oohh..uski choot se bahut paani nikal raha tha.. Aur wo uski gaand ki taraf beh raha tha.. Maine uski gaand ke niche ek takiya rakha aur pair upar utha kar beech me baith gaya aur choot ke darwaje khol kar jeebh andar daal di.. Aur 2 min me hi uski choot se jharne jaisa paani bahar nikal aya.. Mera munh pura bhar gaya.. Aur wo jor se chillayi..raaaaajjj jj u.. Mera ho gayyyyy..aaaaahh. .bas ab mat chat.. Kehate huye wo mujhe dur dhakelne lagi.. Uski choot chatate huye mera lund fir se fanfanaa gaya tha.. Maine uski choot se nikalne wale pure juice ko chat liya.. Aisa karte huye mai uski choot ke dane ko bhi jeebh se Sehla raha tha.. Jisase wo fir garam ho gayi.. Wo kehane lagi..ab mat tadpa..mai bahut tarsi hoon meri

Jawani koapna le.. Ab ye andar daal ke faad de meri choot ko.. Ab mai utha.. Usne kaha … Tu to ekdum expert Hai.. Use mera tarika bahut pasand aya. Ab mai niche ke taraf gaya aur uski chikni moti Jangho ko chumne aur chatne laga… Dono taraf chat raha tha..mai use aaj ji bhar ke chodne ke mood me tha. Maine use pet ke bal lita diya fir uska chutad aur peeth ko bhi jeebh se chata.. Uska piche ka bhag aur bhi sexy tha. Ubhare huye gore mast chutad aur uski ghati.. Chikni gori peeth.. Uski peeth chumte huye mai samne hath la kar uski chunchi aur nipple masal raha tha… Uski chutad chatne aur dabane me bahut maja aa raha tha. Maine halke se kat liya wo chilla uthi..aaaaaahh. . Nahi..iii. Mai uske chutad jor jor se dabaye jar aha tha. Meri jeebh dono chutadon ke beech ki ghati me sair kar rahi thi. Chutad itane naram aur mulayam the ki unhe dabaaane me alag hi maja aa raha tha.. Ghati me hath fera uski gaand ka ched bhi gulabi tha. Us surakh me maine jeebh ki noke ghumayi , wo sihar uthi, uska machalnaa bahut hi majedaar tha. Fir maine piche se uski fuli huyi choot ko sehlaya aur ek ungli andar dalne ki koshish ki.. Choot to gili thi lekin bahut tight thi.. Meri ungli ke andar jate hi wo thoda chillayi..aaahh. . Dheere.. Dard hota hai.. Maine kaha ye to ungli hai aur tum mera 3 inch mota aur 7.5 inch lamba lund lene ke liiye tadap rahi ho.. Usne kaha.. Mujhe nahi malum, meri choot me aag lagi hai.. Andar chintiyan reng rahi hai.. Maine use chuma . Mai samajh gaya loha garam ho gaya hai. Ab kheel thok dena hai. Maine use ab sidha litaya aur pet aur nabhi ko jeebh se chata.. Gila kar diya..maine fir choot par munh lagaya..ab meri jeebh choot ke andar khel rahi thi. Choot ekdum fulne lagi. Wo bhi apni kamar uchal rahi thi..mai abhi use aur tadpana chahta tha. Maine choot ko dekha nahi aur uska pairo se lekar jangho ke joint tak use pura meri jeebh se gila kar diya.

Is baar mai choot me nahi uska charo taraf jeebh aur hath se sehla raha tha. Maine dekha bistar ki chadar uski gaand ke niche puri gili ho rahi thi. Ab wo puri garam ho gayi thi.. Apne pair ragad rahi thi..hiiiii. .ab sahan nahi ho raha.. Usne hath bada kar mere lund ko hath me liya wo bhi fir se pure josh me aa chuka tha, is bar wo aur bhi mota lag raha tha. Usne uth kar mere lund ko kiss kiya thoda chata.. Usne kaha.. Sach me raj us din maine bathroom me jab tumhari ye pyara lund dekha tabhi soch liya tha ki meri Kunwari choot ki seal isi lund se tudwaungi.. Us din ke bad se mai sirf isi lund ko sapne me dekhti hoon aur meri choot paani nikal deti hai.. Maine kaha to fir aaj ise apni choot me dalwa lo.. Kehate huye maine uske pairon ko failaya aur mere lund ko uske choot ke upar ragda taki uski choot ke juice se mere lund ka supada chikna ho jaye. Fir use kiss kiya aur lund ko choot ke laal ched par rakha aur push kiya.. Uski choot ka munh bahut chota tha aur mera supada bahut mota.. Wo fisal gaya.. Mai utha aur maine paas rakhe tel ke dibbe se bahut sara tel mere lund par lagaya aur uski choot ke ched me bhi dala. Ab maine uska pairon ko aur chaudi kiya.. Aur lund ko ched par rakh kar thodi takat se dhakela.. Lund ka supada andar ghusa aur wo chillayi..mar gayiiii.. Haiiiii.. Ooohh nikalo. .itna mota nahi jayegaaaa.. .rajjjjjj.. Bas.ab nahiii.. Maine kaha nikal lu..wo meri taraf dekhne lagi.. Uski ankhon me ansoo the.. Ek 28 saal ki aurat aur ek 22 saal ka ladka.. Lund to lohe ka rod ho gaya tha.. Maine use kiss wo boli.. Mai kitna bhi chillau tum aaj meri choot faad do.. Maine uska honth par apne honth rakhe taki wo jor se chilla na sake.. Mai samajh gaya tha ki wo sach me Kunwari hi hai.. Ab maine apni Kamar ko sakht kiya aur lund ko takat ke sath andar dhakela.. Lund 2inch ghusa wo dard se bilbila uthi.. Tadapne lagi.. Maine

Uska munh nahi chhoda.. Lekin maine mehsus kiya uski choot ke Andar kuch mere lund ko andar jane se rok raha hai.. Shayad itani badi umar hone ke karan choot ka parda mota ho gaya tha.. Mainelund ko thoda bahar khincha.. Aur puri takat se jhatka mara.. Choot ke parde ko kakadi Ki taraf faad kar mera lund 5 inch andar ho gaya.. Aur uski choot ne khoon ki ulti kar di..wo tadapi aur fir behosh jaisi ho gayi.. Mai dar gaya.. Mai use chumne laga.. Kareeb 5 min. Aise hi rehane ke bad wo hosh me aayi.. Ankhon me pani aur chehare par dard.. Thodi der me jab dard kam hua maine halke halke dhakke lagane shuru kiye.. Use maja ane laga.. Maine pooncha ab dard kam hua? Usne kaha.. Haan.. Aur ab maine lund ko bahar khincha aur karaara jhatka dete huye pure lund ko jad take uski choot me pel diya wo fir chillayi..ooohhh. .mar gayiiiiii. .lekin mere dhakke chalu the.. Aur fir 4-5 min me usne bhi chutad uchalte huye dhakke shuru kiye.. Ab uski choot se paani nikalne laga tha.. Aur lund ko bhi andar bahar hone me sahuliyat ho rahi thi. Mai use ab jor se chodne laga.. Wo bhi keh rahi thi..aur jor se.. Faad do.. Mujhe maa bana do.. Maine ab usase pooncha agar tum Kunwari thi to fir wo ladka kiska hai jise tumne hostel me rakha hai.. Usne kaha wo uski badi behan ka ladka hai.. Jiski ek accident me maut ho gayi.. Aur uska pati ne dusari shadi kar li, isliye 1 saal ke bachche ko usne god le liiya tha. Ab wo apne bachche ki maa bananaa chahti hai.. Raj.. Mere pet me bachcha de do.. Aahh.. Kya mast mazboot lund hai..aur fir wo mujhase chipakne lagi..aaaahh. .mera nikalne wala hai..mujhe kas ke pakad liya aur wo jhad gayi.. Mujhe mere kandhe par se kuch garam behta hua mehsus hua.. Maine hath se dekha wo khoon tha.. Darasal jab uski seal tuti tab usne naakhun se mere peeth par ghav bana diya tha..aur wahi se khoon nikal raha tha, ye dekh kar mujhe aur josh aa gaya.. Maine mere dhakko ki rafter badha di… Uski choot ko is tarah ki chudayi ummeed nahi thi.. Aur choot ekdum laal ho gayi..

Maine uski kamar aur chutad ko dono hatho se pakda aur choot me lund dale huye hi maine sidha let gaya aur use apne upar khinch liya.. Ab maine usase kaha.. Apni gaand upar niche karo… Uska is tarah uchalne se uski mast chunchiyan mere munh ke samne uchal rahi thi.Maine dono hatho se chunchiyan pakdi, masali aur nipple ko munh me le kar chusne lag.. Wo lagatar jhad rahi thi.. Meri gotiya bhi gili ho gayi uska choot ke paani se.. Thodi der me wo thak kar mere sine par let gayi.. Maine bina choot se lund nikale fir use niche liya aur khinchate huye bed ke kinare laya.. Wahan uski choot ke niche takiya lagaya aur mai khud niche khada ho gaya.. Uska pair mere kandhe par rakhe aur. Is baar mere dhakke bahut hi toofani the.. Wo chilla rahi thi… . Kya mast lund hai.. Meri choot ki kismat khul gayi..maro.. Aur jor se..oooh.. Mai gayiiiiiiii. . Wo fir jhad gayi.. Ab mera bhi jhadne ka time ho gaya tha.. Maine pooncha.. Mai jhadne wala hoon.. Kahan nikaloo.. Usne kaha meri choot me bhar do.. Mujhe maa bana do rajjjjjjjj Tumhari mazboot lund se mujhe gabhin kar do… Maine 5-6 jabardast dhakke mare aur lund ko uske bachche daani ke munh par rakh kar lund se fauwara chala diya.. Kya jabardast pichkari thi.. Usne apne pair mere kamar par jakad diya aur mujhase chipak gayi.. Mere lund ki garam pichkari se wo bhi jhad gayi thi.. Hum kuch der aise hi pade rah… Fir mai utha aur apne lund ko bahar khincha.. Wo khoon aur dono ke juice se lathpath ho raha tha.. Aur uski choot..wo to munh khole sab maal bahar nikal rahi thi..uska shape “O” jaisa ho gaya tha. Maine kaha bathroom me chalte hai.. Usne uthane ki koshish ki fir aaahhhhhhh.. .uuiiiii karte huye let gayi.. Uska pair kamp rah The.. Maine sahara dekar use uthaya.. Tab take sham ke 5.30 ho gaye the.. Hum bathroom me fresh huya.. Uski Nangi jawani ko dekh kar mera

Lund fir tayyar hone laga.. Usne sabun se mere lundko saaf kiya.. Uska hath lagte hi wo fir gurraane laga.. Hum bathroom se laute aur nange hi bed par let gayi.. Maine use raat ke 9 baje tak aur 2 bar choda ..alag alag pose me… Ek baar to use uske kitchen table par Baitha ke mere lund par jhula jhulaya.. Uska baad se mai use chodne thik 4.30 par uska ghar jata tha aur maine use 2 baar pregnant kiya… Lekin uska pati ke dar se abortion karwana pada.. Tisri baar usne kisi tarah apne pati se chudwya.. Aur mere bachche ko janam diya jo ki aaj 5 saal ka hai. Usane mujhe kaha tha ki ye tumhari guru dakshina hai apne guru ke liye.

Maami ki achanak phudi maari

Hello dear friends first, I tell you about my self…… my name is nazuk. i live in pakistan. i have no sister and brother….i am 22 years old…..dear friends main pehli baar koi story write kar raha hn is liye kap ko jesi b lagy mujhe mail zaroor keejiye ga..main ap ko bata dun dear ye ak sachi kahani hai meri zindagi men first time aisa hua jo main likhny jarah hn mere sb sy choty maamo ki wife jo k meri mami hain mai un sy bohat piyar karta tha keun k wo humari ladli mami hain or sb sy choti b wo b mujh sy bohat piyar karti hain keun k main b un ka ladla or iklota bhanja hn. ab main apni asal baat ki taraf ata hn k main ny aj sy 2.5 saal pehly un k sath sex kese kia.. ye ak eid k din ki baat hai us din wo humary ghar aye hua thy din ko to hum ny khoob enjoy kia idhar udhar sayr karty rahy hm sub ghar waly ak sath hi rahy matlab main, mom, mamoo and mami or un k 2 bachy. sorry main ap ko batana bhool gaya un k 2 bachy b hain ak beti or ak beta…. han to us din raat mosam acha tha na garmi thi na sardi thi or mamoo or ami bahir sehan men so gaye main keun k humesha undar hi sota hn is liye mera bistar mere kamry men hi tha. us raat b main mamool k mutabik raat ko late hi ghar aya doston k sath time guzarny k baad main jb ghar aya or apny kamry men gaya or jb light on ki dekha k kamry men 2 bistar lagy hua hain or mami or ak bistar par leti hui hain or aisy laga k soi hui hain… kamry men akela hota hn is liye main kapry b wahan hi karta hn us din b ye samjh kar k wo soi hui hain main ny roz ki tara wahan hi karpry change kiye or light off kr k apny bistar pr lat gaya dono bistar qreeb qreeb mujhe neend nhi aa rahi thi or baar baar karwat badal raha tha qreeb adhy ganhty tak aisa hi chalta raha ro achanak andhere men kisi ny mujhe chua to main dar gaya or main mobile ki light sy dekha to wo mami ka hath tha or un ki ankhen band thin mainy samjha neend men hath lg gaya ho ga is liye main hath wahan hi para rehny dia k hilaya to kahin mami uth na jayen kuch der baad phr hath ny harkat ki or mere chehry ko touch hua mainy phr koi action na lia k neend ho gaya ho ga. lekin kuch der baad phr harkat hui or mere chehry ko maslny laga phr maine light nhi jalai or mujhe pata chal gaya k mami sony ka darama kar rahi hain main ny hath ko hatany ki koshish ki to mami ny dosra hath b meri taraf bara dia or mere hath ko pakar lia dosry hath sy mere chehry ko masalti rahi main un ko door karny ki koshish ki to unhon mere hath par kiss kr liya or phr mere chehry ko to wo wese b kiss kar liya krti thi lekin us din unka kiss karna bohat ajeeb laga or thora sa maza b aya.. phr wo isi tara mere chahery sy hath pherti hui mere seeny tak a agai or hath pherna shuru kar dia mainy koi reply nhi kia lekin mujhe maza ana shuru ho gaya tha.. or mera lun b bohat tite hoga tha phr wo achanak bistar sy uth kar beth gai or mere chehry k ooper sy akar kar meri chati pr kiss ki to un k mummy mere mun k ooper agaye many halka sa kat dia to wo chonk gai or kehny lagi na karo aisy dard hoti hai. aram sy kar lo agr dil chah raha hai. main kuch na bola or unhon ny peechy hat kar mera haath pakar lia tha or kuch der k baad kehti, “tmhen bura laga meri aisi harkat sy” main kya kehta ! mujhe to maza araha tha mainy dheemi si awaz me kaha “nhi agr mujhe bura lagta to main rok deta ap ko” , ab baat bar gai thi or wo mujhe ahista ahista phr kisses karna shura ho gai.. or mere jisam par hath pherna shuru ho gai or achanak hath pherty huay unho ny mere trouser k andar hath dala or mere lun ko pakar lia or zor sy dabaya mujhe bohat maza aya or halka sa dar b mehsoos hua. main leta hua tha or wo mere head ki taraf behti hui thi… phr mainy b us k mummon ko pakr kar thora sa dabaya.. un ka size kya tha mujhe nhi maloom bus maza bohat aa raha tha phr mainy un ki kameez k neechy sy hath daal lia or un k pate par or mummon par hath pherna shuru kar diye..
ab un ko b maza ana shuru ho ga or tez tez sansy lena shuru ho gain. main or tez ho gaya or phr ak dam sy wo mere ooper gir gai or mere pat par kisses karna shuru ho gai kisses karti karti wo mere lun k qreeb phanchi to trouser k ooper sy unhon ny mere lun par kisses karny lagi.
maine un ki kameez ooper ki hui thi or mummy pat kisses kr raha tha or wo mere lun par. phr wo achanak uthi or kehti “mujhe bari der sy tmhary sath piyar karny ki khuahish thi”.. mainy kaha k kitni der sy to kehny lagi k “meri shadi sy 6 month baad sy kya tm ye meri khuahish poori karo gy” mainy foran kaha abi kar lo… to kehti dekh lo tmhen bura to nhi lagy ga to main kaha k “agr bura lgta ho main ap ko pehly rok deta ap ka jo dil karta hai ap kar lo aj ki raat ap ko khuli chuti hai jo marzi kar lo..
phr kya tha itna kehny ki der thi or wo phr ak dam sy start ho gai wo mujhe ro main un ko kisses karny laga wo mere lun koi pakar kar zor zor su maslny lagi or main pehly un k mummon ko phr ahista ahista un ki phuddi tak pohanach gaya or hath pherna shuru kar dia.. un phuddi sy halka halka pani nikalny laga or mare hath thora geela hua mainy ny ak ungli achi tara un ki phuddi k pani sy geeli ki or ahista ahista un ki phuddi main dalna shuru kar di.. phr thora sa tez hogaya main or un ko or zayada maza ana shuru hogaya or tara tara ki awazen nikalana shuru kar di…uuuuuuuuuu…….. aaaaaaaahaaaaaaah………..ssssssssssssssssssss or karrrrrrrro zorrrrrr syy mujhe aj bohat piyar dooooooooo main tm sy bohat piyar karna chahtiiiiiiii hnnnnnnnnn oooooooooo aaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaha….
mujh ak dam hansi b i or maza b any laga phr unhon ny mera trouser utara or or t-shirt b utar di main b pehly u ki kameez utari or phr un ki shalwar b utarna shuru hogaya to pehly mujhe rokny lagi k” dar lag raha koi aa na jaye ” main ny kaha koi nhi ata… to kehti koi pata nhi… phr main ny koi baat nhi suni or us ki shalwar utar di…. ba hum dono nangy thy main mobile ki halki light sy us k jisam ko dekh raha tha… keun k mainy pehly kabi kisi ko nhi dekha tha is liye mujhe un ka jism bohat acha lag raha tha. ab humara sex start ho gaya tha phr kisses honi shuru ho gai or ahista ahista barty gaye wo bohat tez tez sansen leny lagi or oooooooooooooh aaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaha ki awazen nikalny lagi. phr mainy un ki phuddi men ungli dali or hilany lga wo to jese tarap hi gai or kuch der baad us ka pani nilkal gaya wo ak dam sy mere ooper gir gai.. or mere chehry, chati, pait ko chatny lagi main b mazy le raha tha mujhe us waqt bohat acha lag raha tha phr wo mere lun ko pakar kar hilany lagi or apny hath ko mere lun par ooper neechy karny lagi mujhe bohat maza aa raha tha meri sansen b tez hoti jarahi thi or phr wo mere ooper akar lait gai mere lun ko apni phuddi par lagany lagi mere lun bohat josh men agya tha aisy ho gaya jese abi kuch phatny wala hai… mainy un ko kaha k mera lun len gi ap to unhon ny foran ” pagal tumhen pata nhi chalta main ye sb kuch tmhara lun leny k liye hi to kar rahi hn ” bus un k kehny ki der thi main to agy hi is intzar men tha k kab wo mera lun len gi or mujhe sakoon mily ga phr main ny lun ko un ki phuddi men dalna shuru kia lekin lun khushk hony ki waja sy ja nhi raha tha main ny un ko kaha k is ko thora gila kar len to kehti k main “main kese geela kron ” main kaha apna chehra mere pas layen main ap ko batata hn to jb wo apona chehra mere chehry k paas lain main ny apni zubaan sy un ki rukhsaaar ko chata to wo samajh gai or hasny lagi phr kehny lagi k rehny do acha nhi lgta meri phuddi k pani sy abi kuch mnt me khud hi geela ho jaye ga…. lekin mera haal bohat bura ho raha main jaldi hi apna lun un ki phuddi men dalna chahta tha k mere lun ko sakoon mil saky.. main ny kaha k nahi abi khud hi kar lo to kehti acha jese tm kaho wese hi karon gi main tmhary kehny par kuch b karny ko tayyar hun. to phr unhon ny mere lun ko geela karny k liye zuban lagai to mujhe itna maza aya k laga k main hawaon men urr raha hn phr jb unhon ny mere lun ko ak dafa mun men lekar geela kia or bahir nikal kar mere ooper agai or apni phuddi mere lun par rakh di mainy ahista sy apna lun un ki phuddi men dala or dalta hi chala gaya or wo uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ki awazen nikalny lagi or kehny lagi meri jaaaaaaaan ab zorrrrrrrrrrrr zorrrrr syyyyyyyy karooooo meri phuddi ko sakoooooooon ajaye bari der sy tmharyyyyyyy lun k liye tarap rahi haiiiiii or zorrrrrrr syyyyyyyyy karo aj is ki sari tarap khatam kar do or main zorr zorr sy neechy sy jhatkay lgata raha phrh kuch der bad wo neechy late gai or kehti k mere ooper ajao or meri tangy utha kar meri phuddi pharo phr mainy unki tangy uthai or lun ko phuddi men dal ka zor zor sy jhatky deny laga.. or wo neechy tarpny lagi or ooooo haaaaaaaaa orrrrrrrrrrrro karooooooooooo zoor ssssyyyyyyyyyy main marrrrrrrrrrr gaiiiiii phuddi koooooo phaaaaaaar dooooooooo main choootny wali hun zorrrrrr sy karoooo or zorrrrrr sy phr wo ak dam sy chooot gai un ki phuddi ka sara pani mere lun par lag gaya or mera or kafi geela ho gaya or jhaktay marny sy mere lun ko sakoon hony laga phr kuch hi der baad mere lun sy b pani nikal mere lun ka sara pani un ki phuddi men hi nikal gaya or wo khushi sy muskrany lagi or mere lun ko apni phuddo sy bahir nikal kar us ki kiss ki or hath sy piyar karny lagi phr kuch mnt tak hum aisy hi laty rahy or phr kapry pehan kar apny apny bistar par lat gaye us raak mujhe bohat mazy ki neend i agly din main dupehar 12 baja so kar utha or tab tak wo apny ghar wapis ja chuky thy….. dear friends kesi lagi ap ko meri zindagi ki pehli or sachi kahani mujhe zaroor mail keejiye ga main intzar karon ga………. mere email address hai ( ) main ap ki mail ka shiddat sy intzar karon ga or agr lahore ya is k ird gir qareebi shehar sy koi larki ya anti poori raazdari sy sex karwana chahy to mujhe mail kar sakti hai i hope k main us ki umeed par poora utrooon ga main mail ka intzar karon ga mail address ak phr likh deta hn ( )

Bhabhi ki chut ki shave ki

Ye story hai meri aur meri cousin bhabhi ki. Meri bhabhi ka nam suman (name changed) wo thodi rani mukarji jasi lagati hai . Mera hamesha se us par chrush tha or mai hamesha unhe chudne ke sapne dekhta tha.Waise main bahot hi shy person hun, kisi naye person se jaldi mix nahi ho pata, lekin time jate-jate meri aur unki dosti achi ho gai. Aur maine kai baar unke undergarments ko sunga hai aur muth mari hai.

Mai apne bare mai to bata deta hoon mera naam jaybir chodhry hai mai Haryan se hoon or mere lund ka size 11″ hai lekin thoda patla hai . meri height 6 foot 1″ hai or thoda sa mota hoon Apko mera pehla sex experience batata hu jab mai 18 saal ka tha.mai padahi me bahot accha tha 10 tak lekin jab mai 11 th me aya tab muje sex ki bahot icha hoti thi.uss time se maine blue film dekhna start kia aur muth marna bhi.

Mera dhyan padhai ki jagah baki chizo mai jyada tha islye mai 12 mai fali hogya tha or phir mai apne papa ke sath bus ka kam karne laga tha hamari 4 badi bus or 2choti bus hai.mai apni bhabhi ke ghar kafi ata jata tha kyoki meri maa ki death ho chuki thi or hamara khana bhabhi ke ghar se ata tha phele hum hotel se khana le kar ate the magar jab se bhai ki sadi ho gayi tab se bhabhi hamare liye khana bana ti hai

Mai hamesha se bhabhi se kahi achi thraha se bate karta hoon isliye bhabhi mujhe kafi sarif samjh ti hai lekin mai hoon to pura haram kor bhabhi ko hemesha galt najar se dekh ta hoon.meri bhabhi ki sadi ko ab 8 saal ho chuke hai or unke 2 bache bhi hai.Ab mai apni kahani shuru karta hu bina time waste kie ek din Bhabhi kapde sukha rahi thi ghar pe koi nhi tha Bhabhi ne mujhe unki help karne k lie bulaya mai unki help kar raha tha kapde dene

Me itne me mere hath unki bra or panty aa gai maine bhabhi se anjan bante hue pucha “ye kiska hai bhabhi” to bhabhi kehti “chall badmash idhar de ye meri kachi hai” mujhe sab pata tha magar mai Unse maze le raha tha fir maine bra dikhate hue pucha ye kya hai to unhone kaha “ye meri banayan hai pehnega kya?” unka ye answer sun kar mujhe hansi aa gai fir uske thodi der baad bhabhi mutne gai

Bhabhi k bathroom k darwaza niche se thoda upar hai to mujhe jab unke mutne ki awaz suni maine jhuk kar dekha unhone yellow color ki panty pehni hui thi or unki chut pe thode thode Baal the mera land to khada hi hogya bamboo ki tarah. kuch hi aisa hi chala bhabhi roz kapde sukhane k bahane mujhse sexy baate karti thi ek din to jab unhone mera kacha(underwear) dekha to boli k “jab mai ise dho rahi thi isme se badbu aa rahi thi tu abhi bhi kya susu kar dta hai raat ko”

Maine bhi unse pange lete hue kaha “aap ise kyu sung rahi thi? vo has k chup ho gai Fir ek din bhai bahar chale gae yani punnjab kuch dino k lie ab bhabhi ghar me akele thi to bhabhi ne mujhe raat ko apne ghar sulaliya. agle din jab mai utha tab bhabhi mut rahi thi or unka door lock nhi tha jo mujhe pta tha magar main bhola or bathroom me ghus gya mujhe dekhte hi bhabhi

Khadi ho gai shock se or unka sara mut unki nighty pe gir gya o mujhe kene lagi “tu yaha kya kar raha hai dikhta nhi Main mut rahi hu” to maine kaha darwza band rakhna chahie tha na mujhe kya koi sapne aaya hai . phir bhabhi chali gayi or dosto yaha se humare relation me change aaya . bhai do tin din or nahi ane wala tha ab mere maan mai bhabhi ko chodne ke bare mai aayi .or mai ab uunke ghar pe hi rheta kyoki papa ne kaha tha jab tak tera bhai na aye tab tak tu bhabhi ke sath rahe ga

Ab to meri nikal padi thi lekin mujhe kya pata tha ki bhabhi ke maan bhi yehi sab chal raha hai.lunch k baad bhabhi ko pata nhi kya ho gya tha mere pass aa kar let gai or kehne lagi chal truth and dare.Khelte hai maine kaha thik hai pehle to hum normally khelte rahe tabhi bhabhi ne kaha jaybir maza nhi aa raha kuch naya karte hai itna kehte hi unhone pen ko spin kardia pen mere pass aa kar ruk gya maine dare manglia unki aankho me shaitan tha or

Unhone mujhe kaha chal apna kacha utar k nanga baith k khel or agar nhi karega to mai tere chutado(hips) pe 10thapad marungi . mai soch mai pad gya phir mujhe lag ki bhabhi mera lund dekhna chati hai or mai Game me nanga baitha or mera lund khada tha dosto mera luck ab acha chalne laga or pen bhabhi ke pass jakar ruk gya bhabhi ne dare manga . to mine soch ne laga ki bhabhi se kya kar wa sakta hoon thabhi mane bhabhi ki taraf dekha

To wo mere lund ki taraf dekh rahi thi mane soch ki kyo na bhabhi se apna lund suck karene ko kahu or mane bhabhi se kha ki mera lund suck karo to jese wo iis ke liye ek dum tayar thi or mere khete ke sath hi mere lund ko suck karne lagi .phir jab tak mera pani nahi nikla wo mere lund ko suck karti rahior mera sara pani pe gayi .

Phir mane kaha ab kya ab or khelna hai tp bhabhi boli ki ab bache school se ane wale hai raat ko khele ge.Raat ke 10 baj chuke the tabhi bhabhi ne kaha tu kaha soyega maine kaha jaha sota hu wahi par so jaunga.wo boli nahi aaj tere bhai bhi nahi hai mujhe dar lagega.ek kaam kar mare sath soja aaj.fir hum sone chala gaye.bhabhi ke dono bache so rahe the to bhabhi ne kaha ki hum ek hi rajai k

Ander so jate hai or bache alag bed pe so rahe the or hum alag thodi der baad mari bhabhi karwat lekar so gayi aur unki gand mere lund k pas toch kia.Muje bhi acha lag raha tha mera lund bada hota gaya aur unki gand me chubane laga.bhabhi ko bhi maza aa raha tha wo aur piche ayi aur haskar boli tu toh bada ho gaya hai.muje yah shabd sunkar hairani hoyi.unhone mera lund mere pajame k upar se pakad liya aur sehlane lagi aur dhire se ander hath dal diya aur boli niche k baal nahi kate kya kabhi .

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Majboori ka fayda uthaya

hello, doston main karachi ek school main principal hoon, first time aap ki khidmat main hazir ho raha hoon apni kahani lekar umeed hai pasand aayegi. Yeh ab se koi 2 saal pahle ki baat hai main apne office main tha ek 35 years ki ek khatoon dakhil huin aur apna taroof karaya k mera naam Rehana hai aur main tanveer ki khala hoon jo k aap k school main parhta hai. Main poocha k masla kia hai kahne lagin k teacher tanveer ko 9th class main Science ki class main nahi betha rahi hain kahti hain k marks kam jis ki wajah se tanveer ko science nahi mil sakti, lehaza aap se request hai aap meri madad karen maine unhain saaf saaf kah dya k school ki rules k mutabiq tanveer ko science nahi mil sakti. Woh yeh sun kar rone lagin aur rote huye kaha k mera ghar barbaad ho jaye ga maine pocha kaise tou unhone bataya k tanveer unka bhateeja yani un k jeth ka beta hai aur jeth middle east main rahte hain unki biwi is dunya main nahi hai, mere shohar ko unhone hi mobile shop khulwa kar di hai, jeth ne badi sakhti se kaha tha k tanveer ko her surat doctor banana hai is kisi kism ki kotahi nahi honi chahiye woh her mahina tanveer k perhai ke illawa bhi paise bhejte hain. ab agar tanveer ko science nahi mili tou woh na sirf naraaz honge bal k paise bhejna bhi band kardenge, jis se mere ghar main tangi ho jaigi kyun k mere shohar proper shop khulte hi nahi tou aamdani bhi koi khaas nahi hoti, kuch lamhe ki khamosh k baad bolin sir aap kuch kijiye please aap ko jitna paisa chahiye main dongi, jab woh yeh baaten kar rahi thin meri nazar un k adhe nazar aane wale boos per thi kyun un k rone k doraan unka dopta unke gale se hat gaya tha, aur unka seena saaf nazar aa raha tha bohat hi khubsorat nazara tha jis se main lutf andoz ho raha k unhain bhi iska ehsaas ho gaya aur woh jaldi se dopta apne seene per daal liya phir bolin sir aap ne jawab nahi dya tou main kaha k mujhe sachne den aur unko aaj raat main phone karne ko kaha. woh jane lagin tou maine sirf itna kaha k aap bohat haseen ho, jis per unhone muskura kar thnx kaha aur chalin gain. Un ke jane ke baad main apne dosre kaam main lag gaya lekin dimaagh main unke woh aadhe boobs ka manzar fixed ho gaya, shaam 3 baje mainghar pohanca khana khane k baad kuch der aaraam karne k liye leta tou phir wohi manzar tha ab k shaitan ne mere dimaagh use hasil karne ka programme dal dya, koi 6 baje main uth kar bath lya aur kapre change kar k bahar doston k pass chala gay wohan se 9 baje raat aaya hi tha k mere cell phone ki ghanti baji unkown No tha pr uthaya tou tanveer ki aunty thin, mere hello kahte hi dosri taraf se sir aap ne kia faisala kia, mainejan chudane k liye direct un se kaha k mujhe paise nahi chahiye tou unhone pocha phir maine kaha aap chahti hain k tanveer ko science mil jaye, unhone kaha g. maine kaha k agar us k exam main pass hone ki zamanat bhi doon tou aap meri yeh kah kar maine jaan boojh kar baat aadhi ki, woh foran bolin aap ki kia, main kaha khawaish unhone pocha kia hai aap ki khawaish maine foran kaha agar aap bura na maane tou kahon is per unhone kaha aap kahen main bura nahi manogi, main kaha meri khawaish aap hain, dosri taraf se ek lamhe ki khamoshi k baad yeh aap kia kah rahe hain maine kaha soch len main aap se soda kar raha hoon meri baat maan ne ki surat main tanveer ki school fees bhi min ada karonga aur tutions fees bhi is k illawa examination main pass bhi karaonga is k liye aap ko one month main sirf 2 times apne aap ko mere hawale karna hoga raazdari rahegi meri taraf se, agar manzoor ho tou kal friday ko school aa kar baat kar len, yeh kah kar maine phone band kar dya.Friday morning main apne waqt per school pohanch gaya taqreeban pura waqt guzar gaya lekin tanveer ki khala nahi aain, main samjha k woh raazi nahi hai, school ki chutti ho gai tamam bache aur teachers jane lagin ghar, main bhi jane ki tayyari kar raha tha k Tanveer ki khala room main dakhil huin unko dekh kar maine foran pocha kia faisla kia woh bolin k aap ne jo baaten ki uski zamanat kia hai maine kaha yeh dekhiye maine tanveer ko science ki permission de ddi hai aur us ki school fees bhi pure saal ada karne k liye yeh voucher fill kar dya hai kal subah bank main jama kara donga agar aap raazi huin tou, unhone kaha k yeh baat kisi ko pata chal gai tou maine kaha yeh baat raaz rehgi kisi ko pata nahi chalega, phir kuch der baad woh bolin k mujhe kahan aana hoga, maine kaha kal subah 9.30 per school aa jain, woh bolin k saturday ko school band hota hai main school main dakhil hongi tou kisi ko shak hoga usper maine kaha saturday ko school students aur teachers k liye band hota hai parents aa sakte hain koi complaint darj karane ya koi aur masla ho tou main zaroor aata hoon mere ilawa sirf chowkidar hota hai, unhone pocha k chowkidar ko kia pata nahi chalega maine kaha nahi aap k aate hi main usko kaam se bhej donga, woh boli achcha phir main kal aaongi aur phir chali gain un k jate hi main bhi room ko lock kiya aur chowkidar ko main gate band karne ka kaha aur yeh bhi kaha k kal tumhain saddar aur urdu bazar jana hai usne bola theek hai saab.Saturday monrning main khub tayyari k saath subah 9 baje school pohanch gaya theek 9.30 baje Mrs. Rehana(Tanveer ki khala) aa gain un k haat main fees muaafi ki application thi(jo k maine unko kal di thi k aap jab aain tou chowkidar ko dekha den k application principal ko deni hai) unhone aisa hi kia, chowkidar bhi saath aaya maine us koRs 5000 aur ek list thama di aur kaha k yeh cheezen le aao aur yeh bhi kaha k main abhiek ghante main board office jaonga tum 4 baje tak aana main 4 baje tak hi aaonga, us k saamne main rehana se yeh kaha aankh mar k k bibi abhi tou main ja raha hoon aap kal aaiyega tou rehana ne kaha k sir please 2 minutes ki baat hai mera masla dekh len aur bohat ziada request karne lagin jis per maine un se kaha k achcha theek hai dekhaiye kia masla hai, usi lamhe chowkidar bola main jaon saab maine kaha haan tum jao, woh chala gaya tou main uth kar main gate tak aaya jab woh bas main sawaar ho gaya tou maine gate band kar dya aur apne room main aaya Mrs. Rehana kuch dar rahi thin maine unhain baazo se pakar kar khara kia aur un k honton per apne hont rakh diye woh kuch peeche ko huin tou maine unko kamar se pakar kar apni janib khencha jis se un k boob bilkul mere seene sejud gaye phir maine zordar kissing shuru kardi kabhi honton ki tou kabhi gardan aur kaan ki lou ki jis se woh garam hone lagi phir main unko apne aaraam karne wale room main le gaya jo k principal k room k bach main tha jis ka rasta principal k room se bhi jata hai, wohan unko bed per leta kar kissing shuru kardi ek haath se un k boobs ko dabane laga, phir maine unki kameez utari tou un k jism k gore pan ko dekh kar main heran rah gaya ander se rehana ka jism bohat gora tha. Maine un k boobs ko haaton se maslna shuru kia jis un k munh se ohn ohn ki aawazen nikalne lagi phir main nipples ko chosne laga aur ek haat se unki choot ko sehlane laga jo k badi hi soft ho rahi thi, phir maine apne tamam kapre utar diye aur un k bhi ab hum dono bed per is tarah let gaye k main unki choot ko chatne laga aur woh mere lund ko chosne lagin bohat hi maza aa raha tha phir jab woh full garam ho gain tou main uth kar baitha aur inki dono tangon ko uper uthaya aur un ki choot main apna lund daal kar zor dar dhaka dya jis se un k munh se cheekh nikal gai mera lund pura unki choot k ander chala gaya, rehana ki dono tangon ko apne kaandhe per rakh kar ander bahir apne lund ko karta raha is tarah rehana ko maza aa raha raha tha aur woh bhi zor laga rahi thi, kuch der is tarah karne k baad maine unko ghodi banaya aur dogi style se chodna shuru kia jab zor se chodta tou woh aah aah ki aawazen nikalti. phir koi 10 minutes dogi style se chodne k baad phir unko seedha letaya aur boobs nd nipples ko chosne laga aur woh mere lund ko sehla rahi thin phir khud hi mere lund ko apni choot main dalne lagin tou maine zor se dhaka laga jis mera lund unki choot main pura ghus gaya aur chekne lagin main pehle aahista aahista baad main zor zor se dhaka lagane laga aur woh takleef ki wajah se apne dono haton se mujhe hatane ki nimdilana koshish karti rahi aur maine discharge ho gaya. us k baad kuch der aaraam kia aur phir rehana ki chudai, aaj maine unko 3 times choda, maine Mrs. Rehana ko fees jo jama karai thi us ki receipt di aur kaha k tanveer ko monday se tution centre bhej dena. Woh jane lagin tou ek lama kiss kia aur pocha k chudai se woh satisfied hui tou unhone sirf sharma kar itna kaha k shadi k baad aaj main pehli baar theek tarah se chudi hoon yeh kah kar woh chalin gain. Saal ho gaya Rehana ko chodte huye tanveer achche numbers se papers clears karliye ab woh tenth class main hai. Yeh thi meri biwi se hat kar pehli chudai ki kahani, readers aap logon ko meri yeh first chudai ki story kaisi lagi mujhe apne raye mail kijye mere email address per jo k yeh hai.

Customer ki beti ki chudai

Mera aik general store hai main karachi pakistan ka rhne wala ho. ye baat pichle saal ki hai jbb main 25 saal ka tha aur mere bhai ki tabiyat kharab thi to pora din shop per main he baitha krta tha aur hmara ye business pichle 10 years se hai. Mere aik customer thi jin ka naam hai amber aur un ki umer koi 38 years hoge dikhne main sahi thi aur un ka fig hoga koi 36 32 36 aur un ki daughter jis ka naam hai seema us ki umer 18 years hai aur us ka fig bht hi kamal ka hai 34d 28 36 ye mjhy us k saath sex kr k pata chala.

Abb time zaya kie baghair story per ata ho yee baat pichle saal ki hai hmare shop per amber aunty bht saalo se saman laite aa rhe hain aur jis gali main hmare shop hai us gali ki har shop unhe janti hai qn k woo bht friendly type ki hai. Aur mjh se bhi bht frank hai mere shop k samne aik easy load wale ki shop hai jis ka naam Amit hai aur amber aunty aksar us shop per khardi nazar aati thi aur Amit se batain aur hansi mazak krti rhte thi aur

Amit mera bhi acha dost tha aik din main ne use bulla kr pucha k ye aunty tere pass pura pura din khardi rhti hain aur tjh se kya batain krti hain tu bore nahi hota to us ne jawab main mjh se kha kuch hasil krne k liye kuch khona pardhta hai main us ki baaat smjha nahi aur main ne us se pucha matlab to us ne kha k aik baaar mera kaam ho jae phr smjhao ga. Main ne us se kafi insist kia to us ne mjh se pucha k tjhy pata hai iss aurat ki talak ho chuuki hai main ne kha haan wooo too bht saalo se hogae hai to us ne kha han to

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Khne ki kya baat hai krti hai to krti hai aur main to iss k daughter k piche lga hoa ho aur aunty ka free main load bhi krta ho. Jbb main ne ye suna k amit Seema ko chode ga to mera to lund foran he kharda hogaya itne main amit ka customer agaya aur wooo chala gaya main to abbb iss he soch main tha k kya amit such keh rha hai aur main ne dil main yee soch liya k agar ye aunty 2 no kam krti hai to main seema ko amit se phle chodo ga.

Agle din ki baat hai amber aunty mere shop per saman laine aaae to main aunty normal aur kafi friendly batain krne lag gaya aur hum kafi dair tk batain krte rhe aur aunty counter k side per khardi rhi to main ne aunty se baato he baato main kha k aunty app beauty parlour main se kitna kama laite hai to aunty ne kha zayada nahi bus itni kama pati ho k ghar bhi mushkil se chalta hai to main ne aunty se kha k aisa qn to unho ne kha qn k mera parlour bht choota hai isliye aur tmhe to pata hai bardhti hoe mahngai main

Ghar chalana kitna mushkil hai aur upper se seema k college ki fees to main ne kha k aunty ye to app k liye ghar chalana to bht mushkil hojata hoga to aunty ne kha yee to hai isiliye to tumhara udhar abhi nahi diya aik month hone wala hai main ne mauqa daikhte hoa kha k aunty koi baat nahi jbb appp k pass paise ho tbb de daina aur agar kuch chahie ho to mjhy bata dijae ga main bhijwa donga aur aunty ne thank u Ali kha aur kha k chalo main chalte ho ghar main thorda kam hai aur bye kr k chale gae.

Un k jane k baad main kafi dair tk sochta rha k aunty ko seema k liye kaise manao aur mere zahan main aik plan aaya. ye sbb aik do din aise chalta rha phr koi aik hafte baad jbb aunty mere shop per aaa rhe thi to main ne apna plan start kia aur thorda gum zada hokr baith gaya aunty mere shop per aae to unho ne mujh se puch k kya hoa aise qn baithe ho to main ne kha kuch nahi aunty to unho ne dubara pucha to main ne kha k kuch khas nahi bus yahi soch rha tha k pata nahi kbb shadi hoge aur abu ka to abhi 5 6 saal

Tk koi irada nahi shayad budha kr k shadi krwae ge to aunty hasne lge aur khne lgi k itni jaldi kya hai shadi ki to main ne kha bus kya batao app ko rhne dai to unho ne kha batao main tumhare customer nahi tmhare dost ho to main ne kha k mjhy acha nahi lag rha to aunty ne kha k aisa bhi kya hai joo mjhy patane main ajeeb lag rha hai main ne kha baaat he kuch aise hai to aunty ne kha main tmhare dost ho tum mjhy bata skte ho dar kis baaat ka hai to main himmat kr k aunty se kha k mere koi girlfriend nahi hai (main ne aunty se jhoot bola)

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